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Welcome to the campfire, Flies fans!

We are The Campfire Flies and we’re glad you found us – and just in time to tell you about our debut, full-length release! We’ve called it SPARKS LIKE LITTLE STARS and it’s out now! You can stream, download, or buy it on CD – check out the links below. Want to know all the latest? Then head over to the News / Blog area and catch up…

The album cover of SPARKS LIKE LITTLE STARS with spring shoots coming up
Out now!

A Message of Gratitude

It takes a team beyond the performers to create an album, website, etc. – and we have some amazing friends and supporters that have helped us release SPARKS LIKE LITTLE STARS, launch this site, etc. Below are some links to people who’ve helped us out in a thousand ways, large and small. We encourage you to check out their work and businesses and consider them for your next project, recording, photo shoot, whatever it is you need. Thank you, friends!

  • George Kopp for his brilliant eye over the years – especially his photographs from Rent Party shows
  • Don Sternecker for his sympathetic mixing wisdom mixing fingers. Visit his Mix-o-lydian Studios!
  • Chris, Dave, Bill, and the entire Rent Party crew! These folks have been very supportive of our music and have had us on numerous bills. What they do to help fight hunger in their community is inspiring and wonderful.
  • Jennifer Nilsen, another amazing photographer whose work graces much of this here website you’re on!
  • Scott Anthony at Storybook Sound – whose ears make us sounds good, whether live, tracking in the studio, or mastering our final recordings.
  • Rob Friedman, whose engineering expertise brought out the warmth in the instruments and the performances.
  • Jack Silbert, Hoboken’s Minister of Music, for his stellar liner notes for SPARKS as well as his amazing devotion to live music everywhere and always.
The Campfire Flies playing live at the Rent Party, Maplewood, NJ - 3/8/2018
Live at the Rent Party, Maplewood, NJ – 3/8/2018
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