REVIEW: The Vinyl District

Huge thanks to The Vinyl District for the very kind review! We’ll take an “A-” any day…

The Campfire Flies, Sparks Like [Little] Stars (OverPop) – Featuring John and Toni Baumgartner and Ed Seifert of Speed The Plough, Deena Shoshkes and Jon Fried of The Cucumbers, and Matt Davis of The Thousand Pities, The Campfire Flies are effectively a New Jersey supergroup. Everyone brings songs and sings, with harmony an integral component in the overall thrust. If you’re thinking of something in the zone of Hoboken pop, well, that’s not really the deal. The flute and strum of opener “If Your Eyes Are Closed” briefly conjured thoughts of Poi Dog Pondering, but then I read someone else’s suggestion of Buddy Holly meets Fairport Convention and I liked that a hell of a lot better. Overall, this CD reminds me a bit of something Rounder Records might’ve snuck out in the late ’80s. All the pleasantness holds up. A-

Joseph Neff @ The Vinyl District

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