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More reviews of SPARKS LIKE LITTLE STARS coming in. Grateful for kind words from writers who “get” what we are about! We’re getting warmer, it seems…

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The recurring motif here is warmth:  in the instruments and arrangements; the vocal delivery and the spirit… Eleven finely crafted and lovingly executed tracks that have the ability to do something that few albums released at this time can do: these songs will make you smile.  And feel warm. — HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Rob RossMusic Tap
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The 11 songs on the SPARKS LIKE LITTLE STARS are full of expansive melodies, warm interlocking harmonies and first rate picking. Guitar, mandolin and banjo dominate the arrangements, with keys, percussion and the occasional flute, clarinet and accordion thrown in for extra color. Everybody plays percussion.

j.poetRock & Roll Globe

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