We were thrilled with the great review by Jim Testa earlier this week, and now comes another excellent notice from the other titan of Garden State music writing: Jay Lustig, founder and editor-in-chief of What a way to head into our Record Release party later on today!

But the bottom line is, The Campfire Flies do a lot of things on this album, and do them very well: Despite the homespun flavor, there is a lot of musical sophistication here.

I happen to believe that Bob Dylan & the Band’s The Basement Tapes (another album recorded, largely, without drums) is the greatest album ever made, as well as one that few bands, ever, have tried to imitate. While it’s unfair to compare this effort to that one, I do find many of the same qualities here: The warmth of the singing, the musical variety, the sturdiness of the songwriting, and the occasional sense of mystery in the lyrics.

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Backstage at the Rent Party, February, 2019 – Photo by Cindy Stagoff
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