Huge Heaps of Gratitude…

We are still on a high from this past Sunday’s Release Party for SPARKS LIKE LITTLE STARS… For all those wonderful people who came out, we hope you had half as much fun as we did – THANK YOU! Fox & Crow was a lovely venue – we’re only partly sorry it got so packed. But the love in the room was undeniable and we cannot wait to get out and see you all again soon… (Unless otherwise noted, all the terrific pictures below were taken by the massively talented Jennifer Nilsenbig thanks for all the photos and videos folks shot!)

Emcee Jack Silbert introduces opener Dave Weckerman to kick off the show. (We’d like to see the zany comedy duo Silbert & Weckerman start up soon!)

Just playing and recording the songs with these fine people has been its own reward. But to see and hear our own convictions and passions reinforced by friends and colleagues whose opinions carry significant weight was just icing on the cake. There’s no other feeling like the one I got Sunday. Thanks to all, from everyone who attended, to Scott Anthony and Dave Weckerman and Jack Silbert for helping out, to all of my band mates.

Ed Seifert

I looked around at our set up while we were playing and soaked in the collective musicality. It’s like playing chamber music! My music teachers in college stressed the importance of wearing your heart on your sleeve when you play, and I feel that we all do that in The Campfire Flies.

We all play with vulnerable strength. I got a little mixed up with the instruments but didn’t feel judged. That’s the beauty of the group! I can be my musical self with The Campfire Flies. I am not being judged, like when I am holding the flute when I should be holding the clarinet to get ready for “I’m Not Changing My Mind.”

Toni Baumgartner

I always feel grateful when I get in a room and play with my fellow Flies – but Sunday was over-the-top special. It’s so great to have the album out there and to be able to share this music with people. Thanks to everyone who packed that room and made us all feel so appreciated!

Matt Davis

It was wonderful playing these songs that have come to be on constant shuffle in my head. But it was really the feeling in the room that sang the most to me.

John Baumgartner

I was overwhelmed by the beautiful audience and all the love.  What a great community of family, friends and musicians came out to help us celebrate.  Thank you so much!

Deena Shoshkes

What they all said. And an additional thanks to all those who rose to the occasion when I asked if they’d video our song “Go Back to Your Heart” with their phones. If you were one of those kind videographers, please send in your video – the Collect app by WeTransfer works, and is free – to and I will get it and put them all together and help us all remember one of the best musical experiences and best afternoons of my life.

Jon Fried
Here we all are with emcee Jack Silbert – and that after show glow! – Photo by George Kopp

4 thoughts on “Huge Heaps of Gratitude…

  1. Christine MacLachlan says:

    I wish I could’ve been there. It must’ve been a very special night! Lots of love to you all!

    1. Mr. Campfire Fly says:

      Thanks, Christine! Wish you could have been there too!

  2. Richard Geary says:

    A magical late afternoon musical event. I could not have been more impressed with all of the great tunes presented by the Campfire Flies. A fantastic debut cd was played in it’s entirety along with a few special cover tunes. Such a great feeling in the room and the band could not have been nicer. Hoping for many more live shows in the future.

    1. Mr. Campfire Fly says:

      Cheers, Richard! Thanks for the kind words!


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