A Special Rent Party in Maplewood ~ Friday, Nov. 8

The Campfire Flies are really looking forward to performing at the Rent Party this weekend. It will be extra special as it is the Rent Party’s 10th anniversary – as well as milestone birthdays for two of The Flies! There just might be cake and there will certainly be music. We’re proud to be sharing the stage for this show with Hoboken’s The Schramms and local heroes Tri-State. Check out our Shows page for more details – set times, addresses, maps, etc…

Deena, Ed, Jon and Matt play the Rent Party - February, 2019
Deena, Ed, Jon and Matt play the Rent Party – February, 2019

The Flies have a special connection to the Rent Party, having performed on their stages over these 10 years in our various bands: The Cucumbers, The Thousand Pities, Deena and The Laughing Boys, The Stimulus Package, and Speed The Plough, as well as having the Campfire Flies at several shows – including a couple of the legendary Rent Party Picnics. We are grateful to the Rent Party for being so friendly to us, in all of our musical guises…

Rent Party poster - 11/8/19

It’s going to be a love fest! Come and have a cupcake!

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